High Performance CO2 Laser Marking Machines

CO2 Laser Marking Machines for Moderate to High Speed Applications

As line speeds increase to cope with more demanding production targets, manufacturers need easier, more efficient laser marking systems to print high quality permanent codes consistently on their products.

Videojet high performance CO2 laser marking machines deliver superior code quality along with reliability across a wide array of substrates including paperboard, plastic, PET, glass, coated metals. Videojet CO2 lasers can handle a variety of applications, from simple date coding to printing larger, more complex messages.

With over 30 years of laser innovation, Videojet understands the importance of product configuration to achieve your desired mark. Through a diverse combination of marking heads, lenses and wavelength options, Videojet can deliver market leading 21 spot size options to match your unique application requirements. More spot size options allow a broader range of effects from fine to thick line marking.

Videojet high performance CO2 laser portfolio

60W CO2 lasers

  • 60W CO2 laser marking engineered to deliver high performance while minimizing coding errors
  • Fastest Videojet laser marking system with mark speed capability of up to 2,100 characters per second and 150,000 products per hour, ideal for high speed applications
  • High-speed serialization for pharmaceutical and tobacco applications, delivering unique, serialized codes
  • Widest marking field reduces the number of lasers that are required to cover multi-lane / wide web applications, reducing investment and running cost
  • High-quality, permanent codes help assure product traceability and tamper-proofing
  • Available in three wavelength options to best match substrate requirements
  • Pharma Line unit accompanied with IQ and OQ documentation that helps to fulfill GAMP 5® standards

30W CO2 lasers

Videojet 3350 CO2 Laser

Videojet 3350 Laser Marking Systems
  • Maximum performance and extended laser source life expectancy up to 45,000 hours through optimized total power output
  • High-speed marking capability prints up to 2,000 characters per second of text, bar codes, graphics, and other information
  • Reduced manual intervention with Smart Focus marking head that delivers automated marking features
  • High-resolution marking head delivers high-quality and permanent codes to support product traceability and anti-counterfeiting
  • Multiple marking heads and wavelengths provide the flexibility to code a wide range of materials

Videojet 3340 Pharma Line CO2 Laser

Videojet 3340 Phame Line CO2 Laser
  • 30W CO2 laser marking to deliver high performance while minimizing coding errors
  • Mark speed capability of up to 2,000 characters per second, ideal for high speed applications
  • High speed variable coding and data buffering, combined with the largest mark window in the industry, help increase throughput and performance
  • Integration features for fast install and set-up
  • Available in three wavelength options to best match substrate requirements
  • Pharma Line unit: Accompanied with IQ and OQ documentation that help to fulfill GAMP 5 standards

10W CO2 lasers

  • 10W CO2 laser marking engineered to minimize coding mistakes
  • High performance delivers permanent crisp codes on moderate line speed applications
  • Line set-up wizard aids fast product changeovers, maximizing uptime
  • Virtually no maintenance and limited consumables

Advantages of CO2 lasers

  • Permanence of codes: Tamper-proof CO2 laser marks survive for the entire life of the product
  • High quality codes: CO2 lasers provide unique marks that can enhance product and brand perception
  • Low carbon footprint: With limited consumables,CO2 lasers marking technology can aid in sustainability and green initiatives
  • Virtually no consumables: CO2 lasers significantly reduce the cost and hassle of consumables like inks and other fluids
  • Less maintenance: CO2 lasers are virtually maintenance-free, leading to enhanced ease of operation

CO2 lasers provide three different wavelengths for broad substrate coverage

  • 10.6μm: Ideally suited to most standard consumer packaged goods applications that mark paper, cardboard, various plastics, and labels as well as wood and glass products
  • 10.2μm: Best applied to laminated cartons commonly used in many cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. Available on Videojet 3340 and 3640 laser marking systems.
  • 9.3μm: Specifically suited for marking on PET plastic, typical of beverage products

Why choose Videojet CO2 Lasers

  • Over 200,00 standard configurations deliver flexibility to fit your line with minimal disruptions
  • Customized samples and trials on your manufactured part prior to purchase
  • Solutions configured to your unique needs, from accessories to line integration and software

CO2 Laser Marking Systems: Diageo Baileys Case study

Videojet’s 3320 laser coders gave Diageo Baileys the opportunity to increase productivity and maximize the uptime of their lines, while benefiting from excellent print quality to enhance their new packaging design.


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