Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Printing and Labeling on Flexible Packaging

Videojet’s range of thermal transfer ribbons are designed specifically to meet the challenges of flexible packaging applications. Featuring backcoat technology, Videojet thermal transfer ribbons are optimized for use with Videojet printers, and when used together, the combination helps ensure fewer ribbon breaks, better print quality, optimized adhesion and the uptime performance your operation demands.

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Thermal Transfer Ribbon Selection Table

Grade Technology   PN   Description Colors
TTO 15-Y Delivers superior adhesion on fabric labels and textiles with resistance to washing and dry cleaning solvents. Black
TTO 15-C Delivers excellent adhesion on flexible film and glossy labels with solvent and heat resistance. Black
TTO 15-R Delivers excellent adhesion on flexible film and glossy labels. Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Brown
TTO 15-U Delivers excellent print quality on flexible film and glossy labels at high speeds. Black
TTO 15-P General purpose ribbon for use when increased adhesion is required Black, Metallic White
TTO 15-S General purpose ribbon available in 10 colors. Black, Cyan, Green, Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, Magenta, Brown, Brilliant White
TTO 15-Z Delivers excellent print quality on rough texture substrates such as Tyvek and Kraft paper. Black
TTO 15-X Delivers excellent transfer resistant on flexible film used in hot fill applications (under 198F) Black, White
TTO 15-B Basic purpose ribbon Black
LPA 14-E Basic purpose ribbon Black

Advantages of Videojet thermal transfer ribbons with backcoat technology

Not all Thermal Transfer Ribbons are made the same. Ribbon selection matters since it impacts the life of the thermal transfer printhead, the quality of the code, and ultimately the uptime of the packaging line. All Videojet ribbons feature advanced backcoat technology, a non-abrasive silicone-based coating that:

  • provides for optimal thermal conduction for ink transfer and optimal code quality
  • protects the printhead
  • extends printhead life
  • helps to dissipate static charge (which can damage the printhead and degrade code quality)



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