Demand for Retail-Ready Packaging Continues to Grow

Produce Shelf-Ready Packaging that presents a seamless brand experience for customers

Retail-Ready Packaging, also known as Shelf-Ready Packaging, is a growing trend among food, beverage and consumer packaged goods markets. Shipping cases and cartons, often composed from coated cardboard, are now being placed directly on the retail floor. This trend creates simplicity for retailers but raises challenges for brands. Videojet can assist with these concerns with its retail printing solutions.

Why is demand growing?

  • Continued strength of warehouse clubs and big-box stores, especially in emerging markets.
  • Retailers and distributers are often looking to reduce costs. Retail packaging reduces stocking costs and labor expenses as less time is needed to unpack products and set up displays.

What are the challenges with printing on packaging?

  • Capture customer attention with packaging that aligns your brand image.
  • Create products that are easily identifiable.
  • Showcase information that is vital to both your customers and distribution partners.

How can Videojet help?

  • Print on packaging with a variety of ink colors to match your branding and to differentiate your SKUs.
  • Eliminate coding errors, jams and misapplied labels and meet customer and distributor requirements.
  • Apply retail labels and codes on a variety of package locations that meet the needs of your product and production line.

Potential Products

  • MEK Thermal Inkjet Systems: Best for printing small and medium sized codes on coated cardboard materials.
  • Print & Apply Labelers: Great for high-resolution text, codes and images.
  • CO2 Laser Marking Machines: Permanent codes that help track products throughout the supply chain.
  • High Resolution Inkjet Case Coding Printers: Eliminate labels and print directly on cases and cartons.

Customer Feedback:

"From the design and installation phases to the after-sales supply, Videojet has delivered firstclass consultancy and support...

...We got exactly what we wanted: enhanced quality in coding our products with a long-term reduction of effort, cost and time!"

- Logistics and Technical Purchasing, S. Spitz

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