Packaging Printing

Add codes and other data to pre-printed packaging, right on your packaging or production line

Good packaging design benefits the entire production, distribution, sales and consumption chain. Whether it’s retail-ready packaging, shipping cases or cartons for on-shelf display, or any of a multitude of packaging types, brand owners expect their packaging printing to meet their brand standards. In-line coding and marking should not detract from the packaging’s appearance. 

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What are the challenges with packaging printing?

  • Capture customer attention with packaging printing that aligns to the brand’s image.
  • Create products that are easily identifiable.
  • Showcase information that is vital to both customers and distribution partners.

How can Videojet help?

  • Packaging printing solutions with a variety of ink colors to complement a brand and to differentiate SKUs
  • Eliminate coding errors, jams and misapplied labels and meet customer and distributor requirements
  • Apply labels and codes on a variety of package locations

Packaging printing solutions

  • MEK thermal inkjet printers: Ideal for printing small and medium-sized codes on coated cardboard cartons
  • Print & apply labelers: Great for high-resolution text, codes and images
  • CO2 laser marking machines: Permanent codes help track products throughout the supply chain
  • High-resolution inkjet case coding printers: Eliminate labels by printing directly on cases and cartons

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…We got exactly what we wanted: enhanced quality in coding our products with a long-term reduction of effort, cost and time!”

– Logistics and Technical Purchasing, S. Spitz