Labeling printers for corrugate and cardboard boxes

Channel partners require printing on boxes with more than just a simple date and time stamp. Information such as product formulation, storage temperature, logos and customer addresses are printed directly on products or packaging. Labels are applied to the outside of cartons and cases, on the top or side, and contain bar codes, best before dates and other variable data for product identification and traceability.

Printing on boxes

Videojet offers multiple box printing solutions that provide options in character height, print resolution and bar code quality. Our printers are engineered for high uptime and reliability and help manufacturers focus on product and processes instead of worrying about printing codes.

Videojet manufactures over 640 application-unique fluids – more inks than any other industrial coding and marking manufacturer, for high resolution printing on box applications such as printing alphanumeric text, logos, images, and easily scannable bar codes.

Box labeling machines

Inkjet printers for corrugated boxes

The Videojet printers help print variable data directly on boxes, minimizing the need for multiple types of preprinted boxes and avoiding the use of labels.

Laser printing on cardboard boxes

  • CO2 laser marking machines with laser receptive inks for high resolution, ultra-fast marking of text, graphics, and bar code printing on boxes with high grade readability

Supplying products in cases/trays to a big box retailer like Walmart®?  Learn about Walmart® labeling requirements and how Videojet case coding solutions can help you meet these requirements.

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Customer Feedback:

“In our industry, labeling is key and there is zero tolerance for mislabeling. Especially with regard to food safety, accuracy and good, clear codes for traceability are paramount. We get a nice contrast with the Videojet printers and an extremely clear code on every case.”

-Plant Manager, Kettle Foods