Cloud-enabled line recovery solution

Rapid Recover™ identifies the best
path to line recovery in around 1 minute

Rapid Recover™

VideojetConnect Rapid Recover™
Unlock the fastest path to line recovery

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Rapid Recover™ by Videojet is the
fastest way to recover your line

Rapid Recover™ uses advanced automated troubleshooting to quickly determine
if a printer failure can be easily repaired or needs to be swapped.

In high-speed multi-shift production environments, uptime matters. Time lost diagnosing and fixing printer-related
issues means lost productivity. VideojetConnect Rapid Recover™ uses cloud-enabled analytics to quickly identify
the problem and determine if the fault can be easily fixed or if the spare printer needs to be deployed.

Rapid Recover Diagram

Rapid Recover™


If the fault is fixable, Rapid Recover™ will walk the user
through simple step-by-step instructions to help ensure
an optimal and sustainable fix.

Gutter Fault


If the fault will take more than 20 minutes to fix or requires a
part, Rapid Recover™ will recommend to deploy the spare.
Rapid Recover™ will back up the printer’s settings
and allow the user to download them to the spare.

Machine Swap

Gutter Fault

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