Specialty industrial inkjet printers

Our specialty CIJ printers can print a variety of fonts in multiple languages, as well as linear bar codes, 2D DataMatrix codes, custom logos, and graphics. Create bright, clean codes on varied substrates including colored glass, rubber tubing, plastic cabling, and dark paperboard.

In the past, achieving greater speed on your production line meant compromising the print quality, accuracy, and clarity of your coding content. With Videojet specialty CIJ printers, you never have to make that choice again.

Some printing applications have unique requirements, such as printing in extremely small areas or with bright colored inks, or printing in two locations on the same product. Videojet printers are available in special configurations that can provide high-quality codes for a wide variety of printing parameters.

Videojet 1880 HR CIJ Printer

Videojet 1880 HR CIJ inkjet printer
  • Remarkable code quality down to 1.2mm in height and at speeds up to 300 meters per minute.
  • Up to three lines of print and complex 2D codes, ideal for applications where legibility is critical and print space is limited.
  • Improved fonts help maintain exceptional print quality, even for micro-codes.

1580 C CIJ printer

Videojet 1580 C CIJ inkjet printer
  • Soft-pigmented CIJ printer that performs and behaves like a dye-based printer
  • Maintain consistent quality and contrast over time with codes that remain readable and don’t fade over time
  • Videojet OPTIMiZE provides on-screen alerts with expert diagnostics, analytics and guides to enhance everyday printer performance
  • Easy to operate tablet-inspired 10” touchscreen display with SIMPLICiTY™ interface

Videojet 1710 CIJ Printer

  • Pigmented inkjet marking for high contrast codes
  • Maximum line speed: 271 m/min (888 ft/min)

Videojet 1610 DH CIJ Printer

  • Dual printhead for inkjet marking more content
  • Maximum line speed: 293 m/min (960 ft/min)

Videojet 1620 HR CIJ Printer

  • Ideal for micro print applications
  • 0.6mm minimum print height
  • Maximum line speed 348m/min
  • Offers a simple, easy to use keypad interface

Videojet 1620 UHS CIJ Printer

  • Designed for Ultra High Speed / high throughput inkjet marking
  • Offers a simple, easy to use keypad interface
  • Maximum line speed: 508 m/min (1666 ft/min)

Videojet 1620FG Printer

  • Ideal for inkjet marking on high speed applications
  • Maximum line speed: 293 m/min (960 ft/min)

Videojet 37pc CIJ Printer

  • Inkjet marking for mail piece identification with postal bar codes
  • Maximum line speed: 274 m/min (900 ft/min)

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