Videojet OEM Services

Peace of mind – no matter when or where – at any time

We know that Original Equipment Manufacturers and their customers worldwide are facing a variety of challenges these days. Changing industry regulations, global customers with diverse needs, high-speed throughput requirements, expensive format changes and installation deadlines put pressure on the business.

We recognize the challenges and pain points of your business and want to help your employees to focus on their core competencies in taking over the selection of the right solution, project planning, commissioning and service. All this is covered in a special process that individually adapts to your needs and covers all your pain points and challenges.

Based on many years of experience we have developed a deep understanding for your goals to be your reliable and trustworthy consultant. Our global OEM team of professionals with a technical background, includes specially trained Sales Engineers and highly qualified Tech Supporters, which are solely focused on the needs of equipment manufacturers and integrators (OEMs).

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Team of experts to find a perfect solution for your customers

An increasing demand of customized solutions often results in a very time-consuming search for all required 3rd party products and documentation material that meets your customer’s specification of different materials, substrates and line speeds.

Our solutions:

  • Planning support by our expert team and specification of the best integrated solution 
  • Global project management team for onsite support in destination country 
  • No constant telephone calls with the end customer because of failures in the coding solution – only one, easy to reach your Videojet contact person 
  • Structured OEM pricing and discount model to increase your margin 
  • TCO calculation to uncover hidden costs for your customer 
  • Access to reference material, technical drawings, 2D and 3D .dxf files 
  • cross-border project management team to comply to all trade requirements when destination country of printer is known

Global Structure

Lead times resulting in project delay, delivery problems for inks and spare parts, Site- Or Factory Acceptance Tests going horribly wrong. These are the realities that your Technical Team might have experienced at many customer sites. With Videojet, your project management does not have to worry about that!

Our solutions:

  • The OEM division coordinates more than 1500 service employees around the world
  • Service partners in over 135 countries providing consumable and spare parts
  • Multiple warehouses and distributors around the globe will ship missing parts, consumables and accessories within 24h
  • Local support for our customers with instruction and training in local languages, warranty, maintenance and repair
  • Installation, startup and training (SAT) at your customer’s site – We take care of the IBN, laser safety approval, etc.
  • project pre-installation and follow up (FAT) at your site

Our products: built for integration, high uptime and ease of use

Complications may also occur when trying to integrate the printer in your production line. We offer the most comprehensive range of different printing technologies, accessories and supplies to provide a complete solution.

Our solutions:

  • Our products provide optimized productivity with solutions that enable an uninterrupted production process (e.g. Perpetuo™).
  • Special engineering department (SAR) designs and manufactures tailored solutions for your machine.
  • Printers that adapt to your customer’s needs and integrate easily
  • Compact design allows different mounting positions in the packaging machine
  • Most comprehensive range of OEM customizedprinting technologies, accessories and supplies
  • Products customized for OEM integration and specific customer needs and a wide range of accessories for each printing technology
  • network integration allows essential advantages for an efficient and safe operation

Support and Service always, anywhere

Printer related downtime can have several reasons, e.g. handling errors during production if staff is not trained well enough, wrong selection of the coding solution, inks, etc. However, this could be harmful for your business and printer related downtime is an issue you should not have to worry about.

Our solutions:

  • Production of print samples
  • Detailed illustrated manual for easy installation, no matter where no matter which language
  • Remote machine control and service for quick reaction
  • Printer support at tradeshows
  • Local support for our customers with instruction and training in local languages, warranty, maintenance and repair
  • No wrong or only partial deliveries
  • Attractive OEM prices – Increase your margin
  • Training for Videojet technologies and applications at your customer’s site

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Contact Us:

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