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Videojet Showcases a Range of Inkjet, Laser and Print and Apply Labeling Innovations at Pack Expo and Pharma Expo 2014

Videojet Showcases a Range of Inkjet, Laser and Print and Apply Labeling Innovations at Pack Expo and Pharma Expo 2014

CHICAGO, Ill. — October 30, 2014— Videojet Technologies, a global leader in coding, marking and printing solutions, will be showcasing a number of innovative products at the 2014 Pack and Pharma Expo International trade shows held November 2-5 at McCormick Place in Chicago. For over 40 years, Videojet has delivered innovations in printing and marking that increase production efficiencies and improve quality. “Videojet is built on a foundation of innovation, and we strive for continuous improvements that increase uptime for our customers,” said Chris Riley, vice president of global marketing at Videojet. “We are excited to bring an extensive range of solutions to the Pack Expo audience that addresses everyday packaging challenges including throughput, line availability and product and process quality. For the first time ever, we will be demonstrating our all new Videojet Remote Service solution that allows continuous inkjet customers and Videojet experts to remotely view, assess and adjust printer settings to aid in faster line set-ups and fault recovery.” Videojet will feature several newly released solutions in booth S2647 at Pack Expo and new solutions designed for the pharmaceutical industry in booth W646 of Pharma Expo. In addition, attendees can glimpse Videojet equipment running in over 40 valued OEM partner booths throughout show representing a wide variety of applications.

Technology-driven Innovation for Enhanced Print Performance
Addressing packaging, food and pharmaceutical manufacturers’ printing and marking needs for speed, simplicity and reliability, Videojet will be showing six printing solutions released in 2014. “Our customers continue to look to Videojet for solutions that can print more content on a range of challenging substrates,” commented Riley. “With our latest innovations in thermal inkjet technology and a suite of new laser solutions, we are excited to bring new print capabilities to our customers. In addition, our latest print and apply labeler, the Videojet 9550, removes the mechanical adjustments, wear parts and failure points that cause everyday operational problems and downtime in labeling applications.” Some of the latest Videojet printing technologies being showcased at Pack Expo and Pharma Expo include:

  • The Videojet 8610 Thermal Inkjet printer utilizes a revolutionary, purpose-built cartridge designed specifically for MEK fluids, bringing the simplicity of thermal inkjet to applications that benefit from high resolution print on traditionally challenging substrates including foils, plastics and coated stocks.
  • The new Videojet 7810 UV Laser Marking System, designed specifically for high-contrast marking on hard-to-mark plastics including high-density polyethylene (HDPE), is an ideal solution for high-quality, permanent traceability codes on pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic packaging.
  • The new Videojet 7510 50-Watt fiber laser delivers advanced performance for high contrast marking on robust plastic packaging, metal containers and other industrial products even at ultra-fast line speeds up to 440 meters/min. It is specifically engineered to address the needs of high speed bottling and canning operations as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers that require significant code content including DataMatrix codes at line speeds.
  • The revolutionary Videojet 9550 with Intelligent Motion™ is a print and apply labeler that utilizes advanced direct drive technology, thereby eliminating the manual adjustments, clutches and nip rollers that cause downtime in traditional print and apply labelers. In the booth, Videojet will demonstrate the unique ability of the Videojet 9550 to directly apply labels in mainstream side and top label applications, eliminating the need for tamp applicators and reducing the number of labels being incorrectly applied or mangled during application.

Solutions that Drive Improved Product and Process QualityIn addition to leading printing technologies, Videojet will be showcasing a number of solutions that aid packaging operators in driving improved productivity and quality. Riley added, “Our customers are under constant pressure to improve their operations, and they often look to Videojet to be a partner in their productivity initiatives.” The latest Videojet productivity solutions being showcased at Pack Expo include:

  • The Videojet Remote Service solution is an industry-first offering to drive higher line and printer productivity. Through smart connectivity, Videojet continuous inkjet users can now access productivity features including remote alerts, online dashboards and remote recovery functionality. Plant personnel as well as Videojet technical experts can be granted remote access to printers to increase collaboration, simplify troubleshooting and speed printer adjustments.
  • The Videojet Code Detection System is an ideal quality and productivity solution for checking continuous inkjet codes on flat and light-colored packaging. The system provides an enhanced level of Code Assurance by helping detect common printing issues including missing, mis-positioned and clipped codes. The system offers a simple three-step set-up process that greatly simplifies training and minimizes changeover time.

In addition, Videojet will present a concept demonstration of work that can be realized in combination with its sister company, Esko. Used extensively for packaging design and prepress operations, Esko’s leading software solutions can also be used to manage dynamic or variable data related to the product, including nutritional information and traceability data such as production and expiry dates. For manufacturers with significant SKU complexity, Videojet will show how this variable information can be printed in real-time at the packaging line using a Videojet Thermal Transfer Overprinter.

At Pharma Expo booth W646, Videojet will highlight OEM equipment solutions such as the Videojet 7510 50-Watt fiber laser integrated with an FP Developments Rotary Mark and Verify machine with 360-degree verification. Another laser marking system, the Videojet 3330 30-Watt laser, will be integrated with the Weiler X-4S pressure sensitive, high-speed labeler. Designed to deliver high quality DataMatrix and traceability codes on a range of pharmaceutical substrates, the Videojet 3330 offers a powerful combination of performance and flexibility.

“Innovation is core to delivering to our customers’ expectations each and every day,” said Riley. “The Videojet team is proud and excited to be bringing new technologies and solutions to Pack Expo this year that truly showcase how we partner with our customers to improve their operational reliability and productivity, protect and grow their brands and help them stay ahead of industry trends and regulations.”

FAll of the newest Videojet equipment will be on display in Pack Expo booth S2647, Pharma Expo booth W646 and throughout the floor with valued OEM partners. For more information on any of Videojet’s equipment, please visit

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