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Commercial coding service equipment: service beyond the sale

The top performing brands of commercial printers typically have a baseline level of reliability and total cost of ownership, but they are able to differentiate themselves by dedicated service coverage. Reliable printers are good, but reliable printers with excellent service are an even better choice in the long run.

When evaluating the pros and cons of any service organization, it’s important to consider the type of service model being provided:

1. Onsite service model

Brings a service engineer to your operation. While this can be more convenient for repairs, based on the staffing model used, the right person to do the job, may not always be achievable.

2. Depot model

Users take the printer off their manufacturing line and remove any potential hazardous consumables (e.g. inks or solvents) before shipping that printer to the service center for maintenance. After the printer is serviced and shipped back to the customer, it must be reinstalled on their manufacturing line.

3. Remote service model

Service capabilities with direct and immediate insight into printer faults and errors in real time. This technology can empower an in-house maintenance team to see printer performance data and the suggested adjustments, so they move through printer issues more quickly. It can also enable connectivity between the printer on the line and a service engineer for live interaction and repair.

An expert and advocate

Beyond the service model, it is also important for a service engineer to be an advocate and consultant for the customer. A service engineer should have a wide range of experience, be knowledgeable about multiple types of coding technologies in multiple industries, and be able to provide expertise on what’s trending in the industry.

Printing and coding solution buyers should consider service after the sale as part of their decision-making process to help maximize their ROI. Selecting the right equipment and properly maintaining it can bring the benefits of less downtime, equipment longevity, and sustained line productivity.

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