New micro printers deliver smallest code

Quality, legible print at the smallest possible print height.

Discover more about the latest technology in micro printing solutions.

When size matters and every millimeter of print space counts, the new Videojet High Resolution micro printers deliver. The Videojet 1620 HR and 1650 HR micro printers – for when size and quality matter.

Our 40 micron nozzle with advanced printhead technology is the most reliable solution for ultra-small, machine and human readable print at speeds up to 348m/min.

When print size is everything and legibility critical, you demand high performance equipment to meet your production objectives. It takes many years of inkjet experience, a dedication for quality, a profound understanding of your industry, and finally an excellent team to deliver the desired results.

Videojet Technologies and the 1620 HR and 1650 HR continuous inkjet printers are a winning team to address the challenges your application provides.

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