What are thermoforming machines?

Videojet thermal transfer overprinters for flexible packaging, thermoforming & film

Thermoforming means the forming of thermoplastic semi-finished products at high temperatures to produce shaped parts. The semi-finished products normally consist of films and sheets obtained from granules or powders.

Thermoforming machines are designed to use a thermal forming process to produce workpieces. These are often, due to their application, directly usable end products, which do not require further processing.

The thermoforming process consists of feeding a semi-finished product into the machine for “reshaping” by thermal energy. In most cases, the semi-finished product is a plastic film.

A diverse range of products can be used in thermoforming. These include the application of thin plastic film on chocolates boxes, plastic cups for hot or cold drinks as well as for other products or items used in the packaging of toys.

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