UV Laser Marking Machines

UV laser systems for permanent marking

The pharmaceutical, medical device, and cosmetic industries can utilize UV laser marking machines to deter tampering and counterfeiting, helping to ensure lifetime brand protection and traceability.

Videojet is a global supplier of UV laser marking systems to provide permanent, high-grade readable codes regardless of product positioning to help consistently meet code quality requirements for optimal supply chain and vision system readability.

Videojet 7810 UV Laser

Videojet 7810 UV Laser Marking System
  • 2-Watt Ultraviolet wavelength laser marking
  • Permanent, high-contrast marks on HDPE/LDPE, other plastics, glass, DuPontTM Tyvek® packaging and other synthetic fiber materials
  • Marks up to 250 products per minute with no code distortion on rotary devices

Why choose a UV laser?

  • Safety and integrity for sensitive and critical materials
  • Hygiene and sterility for UV laser marked medical plastics
  • Filigree and high-contrast markings with 355 nm and small beam diameter
  • Solvent and additive-free marking of plastics
  • Low-maintenance due to an efficient air-cooled design and long-lasting optical components
  • 360° Arc Compensation Software enables consistent high-quality marks on rotational devices, virtually eliminating distortion

What materials can be marked by UV laser machines?

  • Other high-density plastics
  • Synthetic fiber materials
  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • Silicone
  • PE and PPE
  • Automotive parts
Vidyard Thumbnail
Coding HDPE with the Videojet 7810 UV Laser
Vidyard Thumbnail
Videojet 7810 UV laser marking on HDPE bottles in rotary transport system
Vidyard Thumbnail
Coding DuPont™ Tyvek® 2FS™ with the Videojet 7810 UV Laser
Vidyard Thumbnail
Coding particle filtering masks (FFP2, N95, KN95) with the Videojet 7810 UV Laser

The Videojet advantage

Videojet helps manufacturers stay on top of industry trends and changes in global regulations by providing in-depth application knowledge and expertise. Videojet offers advanced laser marking solutions that can print more than just batch, date, and lot codes. Videojet lasers can also apply variable text, bar codes, logos, images and more. This coding variability helps enable manufacturers to permanently mark items on their packaging such as:

  • Product color detail
  • Linear bar codes
  • DataMatrix codes
  • Icons
  • Shipping bar codes
  • Ingredients
  • Regulatory messaging
  • Custom content for promotions and other information

Additionally, Videojet laser codes can help manufacturers with internal and external track and trace initiatives, and help fight the costly counterfeiting and diversion of their products.

Outstanding code quality is reflective of your brand and the aesthetics of your packaging design. Contact Us for more guidance on how Videojet laser solutions can help simplify your production and protect your product and brand image.

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