MEK-Based Thermal Inkjet Inks

| Videojet Cartridge Design

Ideally suited for primary packaging applications in food processing, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, Videojet’s solvent-based TIJ inks enable high-resolution printing of customer-facing and supply chain information on a range of non-porous materials such as films, foils, plastics and coated stocks.  All inks in this family are based on Videojet’s patented cartridge design.

  • 12.7 mm high print band
  • Resolution up to 240 x 240 dpi
  • 42 ml  nominal volume with 48 picoliter drop
  • Approximately 250,000 prints per cartridge (20 character, 10 pt. alphanumeric code @ 240 x 180 dpi)
  • Print array positioned below ink supply – allows printing on lower areas of packaging
  • Coupled with the Videojet Cartridge Readiness SystemTM , the purpose-built inkjet cartridge helps provide clean, repeatable codes even after interruptions in production flow

T301-S General Purpose MEK Ink

  • Provides good adhesion and fast dry time (~ 2 seconds) on non-porous materials
    • Over-coated cartons (aqueous, etc.)
    • Poly films
    • Foils/blister packs
    • Plastics (HDPE, PET)
  • Excellent edge acuity for crisp bar code elements and alphanumeric codes

T501-S Ink Launch for the 8610 TIJ Printer

Videojet is pleased to announce the global launch of the T501-S clear, UV fluorescing ink. T501-S is an MEK based formula designed to print ‘invisible’ codes that can be seen under black light.

  • Colorless in normal light; fluoresces blue under a black light
  • Ideal for GS1-DataMatrix and other 2D codes
  • Resistant to autoclave on numerous materials including: ABS, HDPE, PS, PP, PET, PVC, PC and nylon
  • 2-3 second dry time on non-porous materials



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