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It is possible to streamline your coding process and reduce the occurrence of costly and time-consuming errors. CLARiSUITE template management software enables the removal of operators from the data entry process. Users can either select print job information from a pre-populated database or designated personnel can perform the activity from a centralized location.

PC-based message design software
Simplifying the job creation process, job templates no longer need to be generated on each printer. PC-based software allows for centralized template creation away from the plant floor which improves accuracy and provides consistency. The intuitive WYSIWYG interface with configurable data entry rules (e.g. lot codes must be six digits) simplifies the process and helps to error-proof job creation. This software is compatible with most Videojet and popular desktop label printers.u000b

Centralized database
The software collects coding data in a central repository, creating a single-source database. This database removes the complexity and potential errors associated with using varying job selection and data entry methods across your packaging lines. Data can easily be exchanged with other systems via standard methods such as an OPC server or through more customized approaches.

Plant-wide coding user interface
View the status of all your printers across the plant and deploy jobs individually or in a coordinated manner to, for example, help ensure the codes are synced between the primary package and the case. This user interface can also can serve as a basic dashboard to view performance information, such as throughput, in your packaging operation. u000b

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Dutch Gold Honey Case Study
“After we implemented CLARiSUITE, it eliminated 99.9% of our coding problems.”
Jim Gerlach, Production Scheduler, Dutch Gold Honey

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