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Remote service brings higher, more predictable productivity

The newest member of the service team keeping your production line up and running is remote service, a function that enables your supplier to remotely access its system on your line to predict and repair problems.

When any element on a production line fails, the entire production line probably goes down, at considerable loss of time and profit. The solution used to be to call a service technician, but now it is possible to use remote monitoring and service to accelerate the time of recovery.

Remote service continuously gathers and stores status data, and can allow your supplier direct access into the unit’s software controls. Enabling the supplier’s service team to remotely address issues for you, and to teach your staff how to prevent or quickly solve future challenges. This also results in prompt fixes, reduces unplanned downtime events and shortens those that occur.

The supplier can also directly reach into the equipment’s software and identify either a faulty configuration setting or an onsite repair that can be made by the operator. This allows operators to focus their attention on their primary responsibilities: line management, new product setup and changeovers.

Remote service is an especially valuable tool when equipment is operating in a harsh environment. Standard maintenance procedures may not be adequate, therefor this remote monitoring technology paired with preventative maintenance can increase your equipment’s productivity and extend its working life.

By using the predictive capabilities, quick repairs, and optimization, remote service technology will help your line achieve new levels of productivity.

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