Coding on Pharmaceutical Vials

Videojet Pharma coding expert demonstrates high contrast track & trace codes on hard to mark pharmaceutical packaging.


As packaging form factors in Pharmaceuticals continue to diversify, you need unique coding solutions to fit.

See how Videojet can support serialization on your applications

Coding on vials is an excellent example of how packaging material, product size and the complex sequence of packaging operations all require careful consideration to help ensure the integrity of the data throughout the entire packaging process.

Videojet inkjet and fiber laser marking systems provide a clear and rugged "on-vial" traceability code, as well as:

  • 2D bar codes printed up to 500 products per minute with fiber laser marker
  • Compact and versatile designs for easy integration within the packaging line
  • High-quality human and machine readable codes on robust plastic and metal materials
  • Minimal maintenance intervention

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