Fiber Laser Engraving Machines

Fiber laser engraving was developed to meet the needs of manufacturers who work with robust, high-density materials. Fiber lasers use a technology that has shown excellent results in the field of laser engraving. Compared to other types of lasers, they offer better quality in marking and engraving on certain materials due to their short pulse duration, which minimizes thermal effects, and faster speed processing with high-peak power pulses. These versatile lasers enable high-speed engraving of complex data, are easy to operate, and can be easily integrated into production lines.

Offering laser sources with expected lifetimes that range up to 100,000 hours, fiber lasers can deliver many years of operation, even in 24/7 production environments.

Advantages of fiber laser engravers

Fiber laser engraving machines offer a range of benefits that make them the ideal choice for engraving on high-density materials. Key advantages of fiber laser engraving machines are:

  1. High-speed engraving: Fiber laser engraving machines are designed to deliver high-quality codes at ultra-fast speeds. With marking speeds up to 900 meters per minute, fiber lasers are ideal for operations with demanding production schedules.
  2. Permanent, high-contrast engraving: Fiber lasers produce permanent, traceable, and readable codes that last the lifetime of the product. Fiber laser engraving machines are ideal for clear and precise marking on parts, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. These are industries that require laser engraving machines to achieve both high productivity and a high level of code contrast to ensure traceability.
  3. Versatile material compatibility: Fiber laser engraving machines deliver precise and consistent results across various surfaces and achieve readable codes on a range of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, cable, wire, plastic, blister packs, extrusions, bottles, and other containers.
  4. Various power options: Fiber laser engravers are available in a range of power levels from 10, 20, 30 and 50 Watts to a high of 100 Watts. This variety allows users to identify a fiber laser that is best-suited to their application, from high-density parts to high-speed canning.
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Partner with Videojet for productivity

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Developed to meet the needs of manufacturers who work within small spaces, the Videojet 7340 and 7440 fiber lasers feature the Lightfoot marking head, the most compact fiber laser marking head on the market.

Videojet® Lightfoot™ canning solution for beverage applications

Get ahead of the pack with a comprehensive fiber laser system tailor-made to set your beverage production up for success. The all-in-one turnkey Videojet canning system combines the speed of dual Lightfoot marking heads with the reliability of advanced fiber laser technology to provide a solution designed to meet the demanding production needs and harsh environments of high-speed canning operations.

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