Videojet Labeling Systems

Labeling systems are used to apply preprinted labels to products, individual packages, cartons, cases, and pallet loads for product identification and traceability. They are also used to apply labels to products to promote the manufacturer’s brand image. The content of these labels can vary from a simple black & white bar code, 1D or 2D code used for identification, to a complex multicolor product label carrying eye-catching brand identity.

Automatic and semi-automatic labeling systems

Labeling systems are available in a variety of configurations, each suited to applying labels that meet a specific need. Semi-automatic label printer applicators are set up to manually supply labels to be applied on individual products. Fully automatic labeling machines are integrated into the production process, applying labels to passing products at production line speeds.

Labeling solutions include print-and-apply label  applicators that produce labels individually that are then applied to packages or shipping loads, and case labelers that record contents of the case. On the production line, labeling solutions are integrated with other line systems and automatically receive the products or packages to be labeled.

The benefits of using labeling systems include faster and more consistent label application compared to manual processes. By automating label application, errors are reduced, and employees are freed up to focus on more productive tasks, ultimately improving overall efficiency and productivity.

Videojet labeling systems are designed to work with different application modules, such as direct apply, telescopic tamp, front of pack, and corner wrap. This modularity allows for flexibility and scalability, enabling customers to adapt their labeling processes as their needs change over time.

Selecting a labeling system can be tricky, with several factors involved such as cost, speed, automation, and integration. Whether it’s a simple label on the side of a box or a more intricate application involving multiple panels or complete wraps, Videojet has the right equipment for your specific requirement. Contact Videojet to select the right labeling system to match your business’s operational needs.

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Suggested Solutions

Videojet 9550 Print & Apply Labeler

Videojet 9550 Print & Apply Labeler
  • Direct Apply™  pre-printed labels <4” wide at speeds up to 29.5 in/sec
  • Automatic, precise mechanical control virtually eliminates downtime
  • Single intuitive interface simplifies operation
  • Built-in Code Assurance reduces operator errors

Videojet 210 Label Applicator

Videojet 210 Label Applicator
  • Automatic application of pre-printed labels at speeds up to 30 mpm (98 fpm)
  • Choose from application methods including wipe, tamp, and blow

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