What is modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)?

Videojet printing and coding solutions for plastic packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), also known as protective gas packs, are created by evacuating some or all of the air and replacing it with a protective gas mixture (gas flushing). The pack is then hermetically sealed. Extra dense films help ensure that the packaging atmosphere does not escape, and prevent the penetration of ambient air into the pack.

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Videojet 6420 TTO Printer

When uptime, high performance and throughput are critical, the Videojet DataFlex 6420 industrial thermal transfer printer provides high speed printing for flexible packaging applications.


Videojet 1650 CIJ Printer

The Videojet 1650 continuous inkjet printer is engineered for more demanding coding and marking applications where a combination of speed and throughput require a high utilisation solution.

Application Note

The move to flexible packaging in meat and poultry production

With a move to larger supermarket or big box formats, importance is being placed on barrier packaging and active technologies to extend product shelf lives. This is where flexible packaging options, such as stand-up pouches and bags, not only provide greater flexibility in portion size, but they can also help extend freshness. Flexible packaging opens new possibilities for protecting foods from oxidation and for providing modified-atmosphere packages to expand shelf life.

Videojet Thermal Transfer Overprinter technology provides meat and poultry producers with coding options that can easily adapt to new flexible pouch packaging technologies. TTO is an ideal coding solution for pouch applications as it is designed to print high-quality codes on flat, thin, flexible films. Printing on roll stock before pouches are formed allows the printed film to be formed into different pouch types such as zipper, 4-sided, gusseted, stand-up and other pouch variations. Learn more….

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