Flexible Product Packaging

Integrated Solutions for Marking and Coding on Flexible Packaging, Plastic Film and Blister Packs

Over the last few years, the adoption of flexible packaging has increased, particularly in the snack food industry.Thanks to its flexibility, convenience, and increased shelf-presence, the stand-up pouch has stood out from the crowd of flexible packaging.

Many snack foods manufacturers turn to stand-up flexible pouches for flexibility. Stand-up pouches provide an appealing packaging format that draws the attention of consumers at the point-of-sale.

Application Notes

Optimizing code quality on plastic packaging

Plastic bottles and other containers are commonly selected for chemicals packaging for their ability to safely transport products while also standing out on retail shelves. However, coding on plastics comes with several challenges, including code contrast, adherence and permanence. Unclear, non-permanent or misplaced codes can put consumers at risk and damage brand reputations.

Videojet offers a sample lab service and can provide you with various codes on your packaging using different technologies. The lab can suggest the optimal technology for all of your packaging and send samples to help you make an informed decision before you invest in a coding solution
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Value-added coding simplifies film management

Many candy and confectionery companies carry a variety of flexible films for their bagging and flow wrapping lines. Companies can use different films on the same line for different product flavors, customers, and potentially different countries and languages.

Using TTO to print on generic packaging film presents unique benefits and tradeoffs that should be carefully considered. Candy and confectionery companies can save money, improve inventory management, reduce changeover time and simplify packaging changes. Learn more….

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