What is a Bottle Filling Line?

Videojet coding & marking systems for bottle filling lines

Bottle filling is a delicate part of packaging liquids and other substances. It can be performed in different ways based on the type of beverage (sparkling or still) or substance (detergents, oil, liquors) to be packaged, and on the packaging type being used (PET or glass bottles, cans, Tetra-packs etc.). Bottle filling lines are made up of several phases in which machines are used for very specific purposes. The most important are the following:

  1. Washers/Rinsers and/or washer/drier
  2. Bottle filling machines
  3. Capping machines
  4. Labeling machines

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Videojet 1650 CIJ Printer

The Videojet 1650 continuous inkjet printer is engineered for more demanding coding and marking applications where a combination of speed and throughput require a high utilisation solution.


Videojet 3340 CO2 Laser

The 3340 30-Watt laser marking system offers a powerful combination of performance and flexibility, delivering high quality marks on moderate to high speed lines.

Case Study

Sprecher Brewing Co. Case study

To keep up with demand, Sprecher relies on continuous ink jet printers from Videojet Technologies Inc. to run smoothly and reliably on their bottling lines and provide crisp, consistent date and lot codes. Sprecher’s gourmet sodas, such as root beer, cream soda and Orange Dream, are manufactured, bottled and shipped out by the next day. Despite the occurrence of multiple product line changes every day, changeover for coding is as simple as selecting the new product in the printer interface.

Throughout its operation, Sprecher takes advantage of the latest technology available. They even custom engineer some of their own equipment like a new brew kettle recently installed. But when it was time to add a new coding solution, Sprecher turned to Videojet as the expert in coding technology. Bosch notes that Videojet has helped Sprecher keep its line running by providing equipment on time and getting it online quickly.  Learn more….

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