Worry-Free Coding
Videojet Britewatch™

AI technology continually analyzes printer health data
to predict potential fault conditions

Predictive analytics

Having collected five years of data from over 10,000 cloud-connected printers, Videojet is able to identify patterns that precede common faults far enough in advance to ensure your production can continue without unplanned interruption.

  • Informed by this data, new printer designs include more internal data points in order to create an even more precise picture of printer health
  • With Worry-Free Coding, faults that account for 80% of downtime can be predicted far enough in advance to be avoided
  • With the help of predictive analytics, the routine of printer maintenance can be reduced to necessary fault avoidance tasks when the printer indicates these are required

Data, reporting, and a consultative approach that helps drive uptime


Data reporting

By synthesizing VideojectConnect™ Remote Service and Rapid Recover™ data, a snapshot emerges as to how your printers are performing. Delivered as a monthly report, you’ll see…

  • Availability of your fleet and individual printers, with comparison to past performance
  • Count data, fault paretos and time-in-state data (e.g. running, offline, faulted) for individual printers
  • Compliance with recommended basic maintenance procedures and the associated impact on printer performance
  • Fault recovery statistics with corrective action sustainment measurement

To ensure this data can be turned into meaningful action, a Videojet technician will review this report monthly with your team and jointly develop strategies to help drive sustainable peak performance of your Videojet coding equipment.