Videojet Visual Code Inspection System (VCIS)

For Videojet 1000 Line Ethernet-enabled CIJ printers

Ease of use, simplicity of integration and a cost-effective way to
meet visual code inspection needs

Tight integration with the printer simplifies configuration
Videojet VCIS works in tandem with Videojet 1000 Line Ethernet-enabled CIJ printers, with configuration for both the printer and camera being done from one user interface and stored and loaded via a single file. With this approach, duplicate set-up is minimized since items such as the camera 'region of interest' are already known, based on the print job data.

Single source of support
With both the printer and inspection system being supplied from a single vendor, there is no wondering who to call if an issue arises. Additionally, Videojet can pre-qualify and optimize your application in our sample labs using your packaging, along with the intended Videojet printer and ink that will be deployed in production.

Easy-to-use and cost-effective
Since the VCIS is designed for the specific purpose of inspecting codes, there is no need for costly third-party integration services. As the VCIS is a fully-integrated system, the same personnel can operate both the printer and the VCIS with minimal additional training. Day-to-day operation for both pieces of equipment can be handled through the VCIS user interface.

  • Innovative intelligence to minimize false rejects, help ensure readable codes
  • Quick and easy integration, installation and operation
  • Automated alerts to notify operational staff and help keep production moving
  • Cost-effective solutions for addressing the challenges of code verification


Visual Code Inspection System (VCIS) Video

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