VideojetConnect™ Inspect Automated QA Application

Simply your QA process by automating your inline QA inspection activities

VideojetConnect™ Inspect is an easy and affordable way to transition from manual processes to automated ones. This easy and affordable software application works in conjunction with your tablet device (HTML-5) to streamline your daily activities, from data collection to review, sign-off and audit. VideojetConnect™ Inspect simplifies your inspection, approval and record-keeping processes.

Are you ready to leave the clipboard and paper behind?

Ditch the paper. Simplify and streamline the QA process.

QA inspectors live in world that requires a keen attention to detail, and unfortunately, the ability to manage paper. Emails from operations, production schedules, standards documents, evaluation forms, pass or fail reporting, and corrective action documentation all must be printed, filled out, processed and then filed away for future use. It can be tedious, but with the right tool, it can be made a whole lot easier. When used with a tablet, VideojetConnect™ Inspect not only helps to simplify and streamline the paper shuffling process, but it also provides dashboards and reporting to help users to more efficiently prioritize and manage their tasks day-to-day.

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