Simplify your packaging line workflow and alleviate coding errors

VideojetConnect™ Design helps streamline and error-proof the coding process, and is adaptable to fit your packaging workflow. It provides you with the option to either minimize manual interaction in the coding process or to have the process be driven by operator input. Regardless of your application or the complexity of your code, this highly-flexible software solution can simplify your coding process, helping you to achieve outstanding code quality, consistency, and accuracy.

Are you ready to flip the switch and start turning data into action?

It’s easier than you think.

Code Assurance: Facilitates processes for consistency in code selection and application

  • Centrally create and store all print templates to help ensure the proper and most up-to-date version is used
  • Incorporate business logic within templates (e.g. lot codes must be six digits) to help reduce data input errors
  • Deploy pre-approved, custom templates to your line and provide operators with context-sensitive data input screens (e.g. calendars with offsets for expiration dates)

Simple usability: Designed for turnkey operation with minimal training

  • Intuitive WYSIWYG interface for template creation makes it simple to add and place print fields
  • Powerful print preview function allows users to review the finished design before printing, saving time and reducing waste
  • Lot code, date code, and GS1 bar code builder functions help to reduce the complexity associated with template creation

Cloud-based deployment

  • Basic functionality is available free of charge with product registration at*
  • No installation or on-going maintenance is required
  • Multiple authorized users can access the application via any device that supports an HTML5-based browser
  • Real-time access to the most up-to-date version of the software

Built-in productivity

  • Eliminate the need to generate or duplicate job templates individually on each printer
  • Functionality is compatible with most Videojet printers
  • Centralize and move template creation off the plant floor to create a more consistent and efficient workflow process
  • Compatible with job templates previously created in Ciff format

Think about it.

Your Videojet printer is on your line, all day, every day. It sees everything and can provide an easier way to help gather actionable data from across your larger production, far beyond just the printer. It can track things such as finished goods data, packaging line production rates and line stops, quantities produced and time frames, and more. The data is there for the taking.
*To utilize VideojetConnectTM a local network connection is required between your Videojet printers and an Edge server. The Edge server will need to have an outbound-only Internet connection. Please contact Videojet for more details on how to establish required connectivity.