IMprints Track and Trace Solutions

Traceability solutions protect against counterfeiting, diversion and product recalls

The Videojet IMprints Track and Trace solution offers a powerful suite of production floor hardware, software and services. An end-to-end solution, it uses data to apply a unique code to individual items in the production environment and then expands to capture much-needed supply chain information. This information is then easily shared with other business applications such as ERP, WMS and more.

Threats to your brand

The Videojet IMprints Track and Trace solution helps to protect your brand and powerfully address specific threats including:

COUNTERFEITING: Fueled by the internet’s ability to create and facilitate gray markets, counterfeiting can gravely affect a company’s immediate revenue. It can also cause incalculable long-term damage when a substandard product is associated with a brand.

DIVERSION: Unscrupulous individuals can divert products to unintended retail outlets, diluting the brand’s image and generating ill-will within the legitimate sales channel.

RECALL: Product recalls happen, and there can be PR fallout as manufacturers fumble to locate the tainted product.

Benefits of a Videojet IMprints Track and Trace solution

  • Proven software and production-line control systems
  • Marking and reading solutions for nearly any material or production environment
  • Non-disruptive implementation adapts to existing packaging-line configurations and procedures
  •  Cost-effective solution is based on purchase of hardware and software components
  • No ongoing cost-per-code charges or exorbitant upfront license fees
  • Modular design fits individual needs
  • Codes can be formulated in a myriad of ways to best fit the brand, and data can be incorporated into existing IT constructs or hosted by Videojet
  • Scalable from a single production line to a multi-facility/multi-line structure while still utilizing the initial investment

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