V499-D Videojet 1000 Line ink

V499-D Videojet 1000 Line ink

V499 is a wetness-indicating / washable Blue Ethanol ink qualified for use in the Videojet 1000 Line of continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers. This ink becomes invisible when exposed to water or other water-based liquids. It is primarily used as a visual wetness indicator.
Benefits of V499-D
  • iQMark™ low odor ink offering:
  • Low odor ethanol solvent base
  • Cosmetic grade – approved for skin contact
  • No European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA) Exclusion List materials
  • No CMR’s (Carcinogens, Mutagens, Reproductive Toxins)
  • Manufactured using food grade materials and industry standard Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Water soluble – easily removed using plain water or other water-based liquids
  • Resistant to acetone, gasoline, Mil Spec Solvent C, mineral spirits, and oils
  • Successor to legacy ink formulas 16-9400
Applications for V499-D
V499 ink is ideal for coding onto personal care products. It can be used as a wetness indicator on absorbent diaper and incontinence products. The ink dissolves completely when exposed to water or water-based fluids.

Secondary applications include marks/codes intended for temporary in-plant batch or lot identification onto trays or batch containers that require very easy removal using a simple water solution. Other similar “removal” inks exist, but they all require water-based caustic or light soap solutions.

iQMark™: V499-D ink was responsibly designed and manufactured to maximize contrast, adhesion, and uptime while meeting safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements. Every batch is tested to ensure it meets strict quality control specifications.

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