V495-D Videojet 1000 Line ink

V495-D Videojet 1000 Line ink

V495 is a red, ethanol-based ink qualified for use in the Videojet 1000 Line food grade continuous inkjet printers. It was designed to produce crisp, legible inkjet codes on eggs. These codes are required in order to meet local product traceability regulations, increase consumer product quality awareness and safety, and provide additional opportunities for brand marketing.
Benefits of V495-D
  • Industry-leading print quality
  • Crisp, highly legible, and more consistent code quality across naturally occurring variations in egg surfaces (porosity and surfaces/coatings)
  • Dark, high-contrast codes on white and brown eggs
  • Highly legible, “low bleed” ink codes
  • Smaller, higher contrast drops for placing increased code content in limited space; better resolution and legibility
  • Fast (less than 2 second) dry time maintains small drop size and keeps pace with high-speed egg sorting equipment
  • Industry-leading condensation resistance
  • Smaller, higher contrast drops for placing increased code content in limited space; better resolution and legibility
  • Code quality is maintained even if condensation forms on eggs when they are transported from cool into warm/humid environments – especially if condensation forms shortly after printing
  • Successor to legacy ink formulas 16-9210, 16-9301, and 201-0001-658
Applications for V495-D
V495-D ink is ideal for coding information directly onto the outside of shell eggs to meet regulatory requirements. Other consumer preference information is also routinely coded such as production/expiry dates. In addition, brand marketers can use “white space” on egg shells to add promotional/seasonal advertising, branding and logos, and co-op advertising. These codes can also include egg size, quality, and even food preparation and nutritional information.

This ink is also a good fit in non-eggshell coding applications where a faster-dry, food grade ink is needed to print onto non-porous materials that may come in direct contact with food. This can include plastic films, instructional inserts, coupons, and other food packaging.

iQMark™: V495-D ink was responsibly designed and manufactured to maximize contrast, adhesion, and uptime while meeting safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements. Every batch is tested to ensure it meets strict quality control specifications.

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