WLK660081A Flex Solvent Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Ink

WLK660081A Flex Solvent Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Ink

Flex Solvent ink WLK660081A is a fast-drying ink with superior adhesion on many substrates, particularly some flexible films such as BOPP. WLK660081A is intended for use in non-porous primary packaging applications, including marking flexible films used in food, consumer and pharmaceutical packaging.
Benefits of Flex Solvent Ink
  • Best in class BOPP rub and scratch resistance
  • Good adhesion and scratch resistance across a range of plastics, coated papers (esp. UV coated), and metals
  • Solvent based ink with good overall performance in a HP cartridge
Applications for Flex Solvent Ink

  • Non-porous substrates including coated stock, foils, PET, nylon (polyamide) and PVC
  • Applications where water-based inks are not feasible due to long dry times and poor adhesion.
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