Videojet and Close the Loop

Ink cartridge recycling program

The technology for Continuous Inkjet printing applications requires single use cartridges. To minimize our global impact, we have partnered with the recycling company, Close the Loop, to offer a simplified recycling process for our Continuous Inkjet cartridges and recycling them for a new purpose. This gets us one step closer to building products for a more circular economy.

Who are Close the Loop?

Close the Loop provides best-in-class sustainability solutions to help companies like yours enhance corporate social responsibility programs.

Manufacturers across various industries are embracing Close the Loop to reduce waste and strive for a circular economy. This sustainable economic model maximizes the value of resources by repurposing materials that would typically be discarded into landfills and oceans, converting them into valuable assets that can be reintegrated into the production cycle.

How does the program work?

  1. Customers purchase recycling kit(s) at:
  2. Set up the kits on site
  3. Fill kits with empty (0% ink level) Videojet CIJ cartridges
  4. Return filled kits to Close the Loop

Help is available from and Close the Loop (

Why does it matter?

  • Be a part of a customer-driven recycling journey
  • Contribute to a sustainable future with every cartridge you recycle
  • It’s exclusive to Videojet Continuous Inkjet ink and make-up cartridges

What are the benefits of doing this?

  • Cut waste going to landfill
  • Improve your corporate social responsibility
  • Achieve your business sustainability goal

If you would like more information on Videojet’s sustainability efforts, please visit our dedicated sustainability page here.