Recycling Empty CIJ Fluids Cartridges

Videojet can provide the following information to assist customers determining the best method for disposing empty fluid (ink, makeup) cartridges used in their CIJ printers. Customers should be aware that waste disposal is generally regulated at the local level and that they should review the information in this document with a local reputable waste hauler to assure compliance with local regulations.


The first step is to assure the cartridge is empty. If the printer has indicated that the cartridge is empty, it will meet the EPA definition of an empty container.

Containers which are empty are not considered hazardous per Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations. Unless prohibited by local regulations, empty containers may be disposed in the normal municipal waste stream.


The fluids cartridges are assembled from 4 main components which should be considered separately for recycling purposes. These components are:

  • Outer Shell (PP, Recycling Code #5)
  • Inner Bladder (HDPE, Recycling Code #2)
  • Septum and Septum Cover (Aluminum, Butyl Rubber, PTFE)
  • Printed Circuit Board

The outer shell and inner bladder are made from recyclable materials. These should be reviewed with the recycling company as some companies will not accept materials which are discolored or which have held hazardous materials.

Can cartridges be sent back to Videojet for recycling?

Videojet previously accepted empty cartridges for recycling. However, due to licensing requirements and other factors, the service has been discontinued. Videojet can no longer accept empty cartridges for recycling. However, we have partnered with the recycling company, Close the Loop. Close the Loop will take your empty ink cartridges and recycle them for a new purpose. Simply order a prepaid recycling box, fill it, and send it back—they’ll take care of the rest! Read more about how Close the Loop can simplify your ink cartridge recycling process here.

What About Other Videojet Fluids Containers?

As long as the container is empty, the same advice applies for disposal.

If the container has a recycling code, it may be considered for recycling. As with the cartridges, this should be reviewed with the recycling company who may have restrictions.

Videojet’s Improved Cartridge Design

Videojet has improved the fluids cartridges designed specifically to run in you Videojet continuous inkjet printer. The new cartridge contains the exact same reliable Videojet ink and make-up, while offering the following improvements and benefits:

  • Supports sustainability goals by using 39% less plastic than the previous version
  • Light weight, lowering the use of energy to transport the cartridge
  • Easier to see fluid levels in the bladder
  • Meets or exceed all hazmat packaging regulations

Due to its new design, the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) internal bladder is now visible on the back side. Both the new and old cartridges are packaged in cardboard with materials harvested from sustainable forests, and this packaging can be easily recycled.

Need more information?

To find out more and purchase your cartridge recycling box, please contact our Fluids Support Team

If you would like more information on Videojet’s sustainability efforts, please visit our dedicated sustainability page here.