The Videojet 1280 Continuous Inkjet Printer


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Class-leading reliability

The 1280 improves upon the proven Videojet printhead and fluid systems, providing
stable performance and reliability across a broad range of operating conditions.

Improve start-up time

Don’t let variable volumes and production runs
impact your start-up process.

The Videojet 1280 can remain unused for up to 14 days and still provide excellent print quality on start-up, without the need for any additional printer intervention.

Reduce costly waste

When you don’t have high utilization, ink supplies can expire before you get to use the whole cartridge.

Videojet provides a wide selection of long shelf-life inks, with consistent print quality across applications

Help reduce unplanned printer downtime

Temperature variations and dusty/humid plant environments can lead to unplanned printer downtime and/or poor printer performance.

The cabinet is made of high-grade stainless steel to minimize rusting, and is IP55 rated to help protect against dust and water ingress.

With Videojet Dynamic Calibration™ the 1280 constantly monitors environmental conditions and automatically adjusts jetting parameters to help maintain superior print quality and maximize uptime.

The 1280 is available with the Positive Air option that requires no plant air and allows long runs between printhead cleaning, even in dusty and humid environments.