Videojet® Labeljet 210 Label Applicator

Label Application System with minimum maintenance requirement

The Videojet Labeljet 210 Industrial Label Printer is a modern microprocessor controlled labeler applies pre-printed adhesive labels to a wide variety of products in low to medium duty production environments.

Videojet label applicator provides a simple automated process, dramatically reducing maintenance and repair costs. Videojet 210 labeling printer enables applications on a variety of surfaces such as: Cardboard Boxes, Plastic Bales, Product Packaging, and more. The prints have high resolution, making it possible to read codes at any stage of the production chain.

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Videojet Labeljet 210

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Labeling Speed2 – 30 m/min (6.6 – 98.4 ft/min)
Placement Accuracy±1 mm (±0.04 in)
Label Unwind Capability300 mm (11.8 in) diameter
400 mm (15.7 in) optional
Label Core Diameter76 mm (3.0 in)
Minimum Label Size (Width x Length)12 x 12 mm (0.5 x 0.5 in)
Maximum Label Size (Width x Length)104 x 500 mm (4.0 x 19.7 in)
Labeling DirectlyLeft or right-hand


Functional features provide efficient and cost-effective label application:

  • Preconfigured label assignment reduces set-up time
  • Industrial design minimizes maintenance

Modular design adapts easily to a variety of applications:

  • Applicator options include tamp, touch and blow




Labeljet 210 – Blow Module
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Labeljet 210 – Tamp Module
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DescriptionApplies pre-printed adhesive labels to a wide variety of products in low to medium duty production environments.Print and apply label technology featuring tamp, front-of-pack, and corner-wrap applicator to meet various production needs.
Printing technologyN/AThermal Transfer with 53mm, 107mm, and 160mm printhead versions
ThroughputUp to 150 packs per minute
Max Line Speed30m/min
Minimum Label Size (Width x Length)12 x 12mm40 x 50mm
Maximum Label Size (Width x Length )104 x 500mm165 x 500mm
CapacityUp to 300mm spool diameter (optional 400 mm)Up to 400mm spool diameter (typically delivers over 9000 typical GS1 bar code labels per roll)

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