Why Print on Eggs?

Industrial Coding and Marking Solutions for Egg Printing and Carton Coding

Regulatory compliance

Various governments require eggs to be coded for both domestic suppliers and for export requirements. In Europe and the Middle East, exporters must identify individual eggs so that these regions can ensure that the eggs are compliant with their requirements. This information includes country of origin information, pack and expiration date or product grade. Some of the eggs are coded for consumer use while others are coded for import requirements and to prevent them from being diverted to retail use.

Brand differentiation

Printing brand information on eggs is a great way to differentiate your products from the other egg suppliers in the market. This is especially important to help promote the hard work and care taken to produce eggs. Producers who have invested in coding on eggs have improved consumer loyalty and have educated consumers on the value of their products. Some have even commented that they’ve received phone calls from consumers when their eggs were mistakenly shipped without codes. This only emphasizes the power of printing logos on eggs. In emerging markets, printing on eggs can help promote a company’s brand when the eggs are sold outside of the carton. This is especially important to help increase market share where eggs are a primary high-protein food source.

Egg differentiation

Specialty egg demand is increasing because consumers are interested in eggs that match their lifestyle or are looking for eggs that meet their desired production methods (free-range). Coding this information directly on the egg increases consumer confidence that the eggs in the carton are the correct eggs and helps to reinforce a commitment to delivering a consistent product. Including freshness information further reinforces your commitment to producing and delivering the best quality eggs to this growing segment of consumers.

Consumer confidence

Printing born on date and best by date on eggs is an effective way to communicate egg freshness. This helps the consumer fully understand the integrity of their egg and helps reassure them that they are providing their families with the best product. It also communicates your commitment to produce the freshest and safest product for your consumers.

Retailer improvements

Printing lot and date on eggs can help retailers who are interested in reducing the amount of eggs that they dispose of or return to their supplier because the eggs are damaged. While the amount of eggs disposed of varies based on many factors, 25 dozen per week is an average across all sizes of retailers. In areas where consolidation or repacking is legally allowed, coding lot and date information will allow retailers to consolidate eggs from multiple damaged cartons to reduce waste and the number of eggs returned to the vendor.

The Challenge

Consumer confidence in food safety has been shaken in recent years. Much has been done to improve product safety, but governments are still concerned with improving traceability. Additionally, consumers are focused on healthier eating, consumer demand for specialty eggs is rising, and many quick serve restaurants are transitioning to cage-free eggs. Can printing directly on eggs help promote and differentiate your product while ensuring customer safety?

The Videojet Advantage

In Europe, egg coding has been required for many years and Videojet solutions code on billions of eggs every year. With the cooperation of the leading egg grader manufacturers, Videojet has provide solutions for reliable egg coding. Backed by Videojet’s unmatched service and support personnel, you can rest assured in the reliability and performance of your investment.

The Bottom Line

Printing lot, date, brand, or type of egg directly on eggs is a great way to increase the value of the egg.

Packers and graders benefit by complying with retailer requirements and with food safety and egg laws. Direct egg coding can be used to brand their eggs to help build consumer loyalty directly with the farm. Coding directly on the eggs may also help meet export requirements for other regions of the world.

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