Printing and Marking Codes on Aseptic Containers

Videojet High Speed Lasers and Inkjet Printers: Ideal for marking on aseptic containers in the beverage industry

Usage of aseptic packaging is increasing as manufacturers utilize them to protect the freshness, flavors and nutritional qualities of fresh and long-lasting drink products. But printing on colorful, varnished containers is not easy and is further complicated when dealing with cold temperatures of certain beverages. Videojet solutions help overcome these issues by providing technology and supplies that makes production information easy to read.

Recommended technologies for aseptic containers

Continuous Inkjet (CIJ)

  • easy integration onto your line – even inside the labeler—for printing nearly anywhere on the label or carton
  • print sizes available with compact 50 micron nozzles for your small, hard-to- code areas

Laser Marking Systems

  • C02 lasers can remove the top layer of a pre-printed ink to expose the layer underneath, resulting in high quality and bright contrast
  • scribing technology and large marking fields provide excellent code quality

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