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Videojet launches new Visual Code Inspection System with exclusive Code Quality Trend

Videojet launches new Visual Code Inspection System with exclusive Code Quality Trend™ technology to address manufacturers need to easily confirm code accuracy and legibility

Videojet introduces a new visual code inspection technology to address the challenges of verifying machine-readable and alphanumeric codes on consumer goods packaging.

Chicago – December 7, 2016 – To meet manufacturers’ needs for automated visual code inspection that minimizes false rejects commonly found with standard optical character recognition systems, Videojet Technologies, a global leader in coding, marking and printing solutions, has introduced the Visual Code Inspection System (VCIS) to help manufacturers confirm code quality and reduce the scrap associated with rejected, though readable, codes.

The Videojet VCIS has been specifically designed to verify inkjet printed codes on consumer packaging. This technology for continuous inkjet applications can replace typical vision systems that can often pose complexity challenges and functionality trade-offs.

The high standard of typical vision systems can often cause them to fail codes that have minor imperfections or codes without visible flaws to the human eye. Even with available tolerance adjustments, false rejections can occur and negatively affect packaging line throughput. To address the challenges of verifying machine-readable and alphanumeric codes on consumer goods packaging, the Videojet VCIS enables manufacturers to move beyond the complexity of standard vision systems and manual inspection processes.

Proprietary to the Videojet VCIS, the Videojet Code Quality Trend™ (CQT) algorithm can filter out random decodability issues common with optical character recognition systems, while still alerting users to deteriorations in print quality. Instead of passing judgement on every single code, the CQT independently analyzes the readability of each character of a code and accumulates data over multiple samples. This approach provides a solution that is statistically more likely to filter out basic decodability issues, but still pick up a negative trend in print quality.

Using innovative intelligence, once a negative trend is detected, the Videojet VCIS can send a signal to a stack light or stop the line. Automated alerts notify operational staff, helping manufacturers to minimize false rejects and keep production lines moving.

The Videojet VCIS works in tandem with Videojet 1000 Line Ethernet-enabled printers. Configuration for the printer and camera is easily done from one user interface, minimizing duplicate set-up because settings such as the camera’s “region of interest” are known based on print job data. The Videojet VCIS recognizes Videojet continuous inkjet fonts, thus reducing one of the more time-consuming and challenging aspects of system commissioning.

A fully-integrated vision inspection solution, Videojet VCIS can also help manufacturers avoid the costs associated with third-party integration services. Additionally, its intuitive and user-friendly interface helps plant personnel easily operate both the printer and the VCIS with minimal training.

“The Videojet Visual Code Inspection System creates new opportunities for code verification in consumer packaging. It takes away the complexity associated with multi-purpose vision systems for these applications, reducing unwanted false rejects and helping to improve line throughput,” said Bob Neagle, Videojet Business Unit Manager of Workflow Solutions. “With quick and easy integration, installation, and operation, it offers consumer goods manufacturers a cost-effective solution for addressing their code verification needs.”

The Videojet Visual Code Inspection System is one of a number of innovative new products launched by Videojet in 2016. VCIS is only available in North America.

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