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Videojet Launches New Technology to Help Tobacco Plants Implement Codentify®

Videojet Launches New Technology to Help Tobacco Plants Implement Codentify®

Purpose-built ‘Codentify® Interface’ improves integration of Codentify® solutions

Chicago, Illinois – March 23, 2015 – The 2014 EU Tobacco Products Directive and World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control traceability requirements are driving changes to the tobacco manufacturing process. As a result, the tobacco industry, as well as other businesses where illicit trade and counterfeiting goods is a problem, is increasingly adopting Codentify® as a solution for track and trace, product authentication and digital tax verification. Implementation can now be simplified with the help of the Videojet new Codentify® Interface, designed to improve integration and connectivity between digital printing technology and the required Codentify® Code Generator.

Implementing Codentify® requires sophisticated digital printing technology capable of meeting the high speed, high throughout performance needs of tobacco manufacturers, while producing machine readable serialization codes. Equally important is the ability to Integrate with tobacco OEM equipment and interface seamlessly with the customer’s Code Generator software. Anthony Blencowe, Business Unit Director at Videojet Technologies explains, “We have worked closely with a number of large tobacco manufacturers, as well as the major OEMs, to understand the challenges presented by implementing this new process into existing lines. As a result of this close collaboration, we have designed a product that helps deliver a simpler and more efficient CodentifyTM printing solution.”

The Videojet Codentify® Interface offers manufacturers greater flexibility for physical device connectivity and future software upgrade requirements by acting as a stand-alone module that connects the line printer to the Codentify® Code Generator. Until now, manufacturers have been forced to work with solutions where the Codentify® Code Generator must embed a specific driver to communicate according to the printer’s native protocol. This makes it more complicated to make any changes or updates to Codentify® related software or printer firmware as both supplier parties would need to be involved.

Manager of Technology Centre Codentify at Philip Morris International adds, “Laser coding systems can require a number of technical parameter adjustments based on line integration, product substrate and settings of the printer. The Codentify® Interface Module (CIM), inside the Videojet Codentify® Interface, efficiently solves these parameter setting issues by decoupling the Codentify® software and the printer systems. The CIM Template Editor allows a “pure” layout that is not polluted by the printer technicalities. This produces a consistent marking quality on every production line for each brand or layout change, without the intervention of an expert.”

The Videojet Codentify® interface also provides additional connectivity options to plug in visions system cameras, adding a critical step in code verification and further simplifying integration for the user.

Videojet can offer complete coding and serialization solutions throughout the entire tobacco line to help manufacturers meet industry track and trace compliance and help prevent counterfeiting. The Videojet CO2 laser range offer direct to pack marking using color change or ablation methods to guarantee non-removable, unique pack identification. The Videojet Ultra-High-Speed continuous inkjet printers feature Precision Ink DropTM Technology to print high contrast, quality Codentify® codes on packs or bundles, as well as 2D codes for enhanced traceability. The Videojet 9550 labelers, which feature Intelligent MotionTM technology, fulfil the final step in the aggregation process with high quality, machine readable barcodes for master cases.

Mario Bock, Global Strategic Director of Tobacco at Videojet concludes, “With virtually every industry being affected by the demand to track and trace products through the entire supply chain, Videojet Codentify® solutions are equipped not only for Tobacco, but also for Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Food Markets. The ability to consistently perform in high speed environments while connecting multiple devices to enable easy aggregation of individual products to pallets, allows all of our customers to use a solution that is compliance ready and available.”

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Codentify is a trademark of the Digital Coding & Tracking Association.


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