Laser marking on stainless steel

Stainless steel laser marking can help improve the contrast and readability of your codes by permanently etching the material surface without physical contact or any need for solvents or extra supplies. Laser marking is the only coding technology that successfully marks stainless steel permanently since inkjet and thermal transfer codes may fade or wear off during production, shipping, or use.

Laser marking for stainless steel is a versatile option for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical devices where the authentication and traceability of individual parts and devices are critical.

Benefits of lasers for stainless steel marking

  • High speed
  • Code permanence
  • Excellent mark quality
  • No consumables
  • Simplified maintenance

Achieving the ideal mark for your specific substrate and application relies on the optimum specification of laser source type and power, marking head and lens as well as various other factors that will impact the desired mark effect. We know laser marking and have been committed to developing laser technology since 1985. This enables us to offer the most versatile range of laser systems to match the exact application need.

Laser marking methods for stainless steel

  • Engraving: Deeper material removal that generates a depression in the material.
  • Ablation: Removal of the top layer of a substrate, normally painted, by vaporizing the paint.
  • Change in color/bleaching: Change in color where laser touches the surface of the substrate

Stainless steel laser marking with fiber lasers

Fiber laser marking machines are the preferred systems for placing critical marking on stainless steel surfaces. These systems are used to mark codes and other data directly on stainless steel parts and on stainless steel plates that are attached to larger products. These codes may be numeric and alphanumeric text or 2D and conventional bar codes. Fiber lasers are compact compared to gas lasers of comparable power, and their high peak power and nanosecond pulses produce superior engraved results with cleaner cut edges and fast speeds.

Specifically engineered for marking on stainless steel, aluminum, and high-density plastics, the Videojet 7340 and 7440 fiber lasers provide permanent, traceable, and readable codes.

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“Aerospace requires 99% of parts to be marked, which was previously done by hand stamping. A Videojet system has saved a great deal of time in the marking process.”

– IT Director, Small Business Aerospace Company