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I need to ship the printer together with my machine to a foreign country. What type of installation support, warranty and post-sales support does Videojet offer in this scenario?

With a global service and support team, Videojet offers professional installation, a global warranty and post-sales support in over 135 countries. We have developed a standardized process worldwide for seamless installation, warranty, post-sales service, including consumables and spare parts, in the destination country.
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If I am shipping outside of the country, do I need to contact a Videojet representative in the destination country when I am ready to finalize the installation date?

You do not need to contact the Videojet representative in the destination country. Instead, you should contact your local Videojet representative. Each Videojet representative is responsible for coordinating installation and other critical details in the destination country.
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How do I ensure that the Videojet service team understands my application and specifications when the printer is shipped to a different country?

Videojet uses a standard process worldwide, the Cross Border Sales (CBS) process, to help ensure a successful installation and optimum printer performance. In addition to ensuring that a service technician is on-site when you need it, our standard process and documentation clearly define the commissioning requirements, deadlines and warranty selection for a successful installation across the globe.
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